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Kunzea Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “This is wild crafted material, produced by steam distilling the aerial plant parts and is clear in colour. Aromatically the opening notes from the bottle are full of toppy, fresh, feel good, bright character that you would except from smelling say bois de rose and supported with some sweetened herbaceous facets. The heart through to dry down (which is about 16 hours on the strip) is somewhat more delicate, soft-woody, floral, herbaceous with abstract aromatic qualities (so to speak) comparable again to rosewood crossed maybe with manuka.

This material certainly warrants more attention within perfumery in my opinion. Kunzea excels at rounding off sharp aspects of a composition, it imparts a real natural freshness, wonderful for building spring meadow accords and is a must as a modifier for floral and especially floral-woody accords. Highly recommended.”

Botanical Name: Kunzea ambigua

Origin: Australia

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