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White Tea CO2 (SELECT)

When picking tea leaves for white tea, you must only pick the fresh new shoots that are still tightly curled, preferably early on spring mornings and treat them very gently so as not to bruise the delicate leaves. The buds are then spread out to wither in the sun for only the shortest of time before being dried. White is the least processed tea variety and this may be an influence in whether you use this extract in your project.
The fragrance of this CO2 extract is somewhat mushroomy with tea and hay nuances. Complex and interesting. The aroma is quite short lived and also dense so I imagine this would be useful to help quieten down an overly bright top note while also providing it with a rich, down to earth tea note.

The colour of this CO2 is spring green and of a pourable viscosity.


This product contains ethanol and water and has a flash point of 21c. This material will not dilute in carrier oil or in diluents such as IPM due to the water content. Therefore this material is solely of use to the perfumer. We advise in perfumery that this material is used at up to about 10% of the composition. If you work with pre-diluted materials at 10% in ethanol then this material should be used neat. For those who prefer to work with pure materials, White Tea CO2 should be added last because the mixture will go cloudy at that point – once the ethanol is added to dilute to EdT strength it will go clear again – but leaving it clouded for days on end risks bacterial growth starting so isn’t wise.

Always keep the cap securely fastened on the bottle when not in use. The bottle should have plenty of air space and we provide this material in larger bottles to allow sufficient air space. Store and handle in a well- ventilated place. Keep cool. MSDS sheets available upon purchase via email.

Botanical Name: Camellia sinensis var. Narcisscus

Origin: China

Extract: SELECT


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