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Vanilla Tincture – Ugandan Co-operative

Vanilla absolutes can be difficult to get into solution and many of the vanilla extracts on sale are aimed at the flavouring market and are not fully alcohol soluble. So here we have a hand-made tincture produced from top quality Ugandan vanilla beans grown by a small cooperative. Producing a tincture is straightforward but slow: the cured beans are carefully chopped and weighed. Ten times the weight of ethanol is added, the container sealed and shaken. It’s kept at a temperature between 15 and 30°C for six months, shaken daily. Then it’s filtered ready for use.

The result is a divine, rich, complex and clean vanilla scent with a subtle leathery background. Use this tincture at about 7 times the rate you would pure absolute or about one third as much as our pre-diluted absolute at 1%. Please note that this tincture is made with denatured alcohol for use in fragrances – it is not suitable for food use.

Botanical Name: Vanilla planifolia

Origin: Uganda


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