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Patchouli HEART CO2 (SELECT)

Honestly Patchouli HEART CO2 (SELECT) is so good, beautifully balanced; all notes are clean, well-polished, and smooth. Everything about this aroma works in harmony. I still think no material displays the heart notes of Patchouli as well as the absolute and would say this aroma is the middle ground of the molecular distilled essential oil and the absolute offerings. This material contains 54% of the desired Patchoulol with 0.5% of norpatchoulenol. Patchouli C02 is produced by super fluid extraction of the fractionation patchouli material. The colour is pale yellow and it is of a thin and pourable viscosity.

The opening is warm, full bodied, with lots of rich winter fruit notes spiced with hints of sweet oriental powdery musky incense. The heart and base notes are sublime. The rich musk incense notes blossom into a glorious creamy, ambery, woody, musky floral comparable to the heart notes of an aged Indian sandalwood, cedarwood atlas with a sprinkling of white florals and musk.

Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin

Origin: Indonesian material. French production.

Extract: Select Extract


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