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Mandarin Essential Oil YELLOW

Mandarin essential oil is available in three different variants, Green, Yellow and Red, the natural chemistry and aroma of all three is different due to the time the fruit is processed.

A simple way to explain this is if you think of the Mandarin tree, first the fruit is green in colour, all the immature/weak fruits on the tree are thinned out, and these fruits are collected and processed. At this stage the green coloured fruit is clearly underdeveloped and posses a different natural chemistry to that of the yellow and red fruits which will follow in later months. For example the green variant contains less natural sugars which alone results in a far sharper aroma than the red variant.

The aroma of yellow mandarin is reminiscent of opening a bag of mandarin candies, a citrus cocktail of rich mandarin, sweet oranges, and honeyed lemons. Like the other mandarins this offering is again lovely added to oil burners and aroma diffusers. Produced by cold pressing the yellow mandarin peels, yellow in colour and of a pourable viscosity. The sparkling citrus character is very useful for imparting freshness within floral bouquets, especially lavender or rose creations and this material pairs especially well with cedrat, grapefruit and yuzu.

Botanical Name: Citrus reticulata

Origin: Sicily

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  1. Mauricio

    Since I love citrus and couldn’t decide about getting the Red, the Yellow or the Green Mandarin, I took the easier, albeit more expensive, route and bought all of them.

    Mandarin Yellow is, simply put, precious. I get a slightly powdery undertone in this oil’s heart that makes me think of a ballerina dancing inside the bottle, fully prepped and gorgeous. It is my favorite of the three, even if by a slight margin.

    This delicate and powdery undertone, however, puzzles me a bit and I am not yet making progress with mixing, mostly because I want to preserve its characteristics to the most. From what I could already grasp, cold spices, such as Cardamon and Nutmeg, benefit from its candied aspect. Maybe I’ll just blend some Acacia Honey, a dash of Moss, an even smaller dash of Star Anise and this Mandarin together and call it a day.

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