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Mandarin Essential Oil RED

Mandarin essential oil is available in three different variants, Green, Yellow and Red, the natural chemistry and aroma of all three is different due to the time the fruit is processed.

A simple way to explain this is if you think of the Mandarin tree, first the fruit is green in colour, all the immature/weak fruits on the tree are thinned out, and these fruits are collected and processed. At this stage the green coloured fruit is clearly underdeveloped and posses a different natural chemistry to that of the yellow and red fruits which will follow in later months. For example the green variant contains less natural sugars which alone results in a far sharper aroma than the red variant.

The aroma of red mandarin is a fresh fruity, tangy, juicy, sweet, uplifting, feel good material. Produced by cold pressing the red mandarin peels, orange-red in colour and of a pourable viscosity. Fantastic material for the oil burner or aroma diffuser. Great for adding increased richness to citrus materials, especially single fold orange oils, useful for building neroli accords, pairs very nicely with champaca, bergamot, peach, osmanthus and ylang ylang oils. Also offers interesting effects when added to aldehydes.”

Botanical Name: Citrus reticulata

Origin: Sicily

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  1. Mauricio

    Since I love citrus and couldn’t decide about getting the Red, the Yellow or the Green Mandarin, I took the easier, albeit more expensive, route and bought all of them.

    The Red is the funny one compared to the ‘brash Green’ and the ‘pretty Yellow’. It will charm you with unrequested smiles, memories of long past afternoons in the park and that wonderful sensation we all have at around 15yo that the world can truly be ours. It’s, simply, happiness in a small vial.

    As for the scent, it’s sweeter than both Green and Yellow, but juicy and full-bodied. I used it to enhance Blackcurrant in such a beautiful way that I started to think I was mastering this whole ‘artisan perfumist’ thing, which is nonsense. It goes very well with Neroli and, in my opinion, is better than Bergamot to make Rose’s jovial side bloom.

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