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Frankincense Neglecta ORGANIC

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma is incredible, the opening note is like smelling a tin of shoe polish mixed with sticky frankincense resins and dry pine cones, the middle notes are frankincense resinous, cedarwood dry, and a tad fresh lemony. The base notes are warm resinous frankincense, dry pine, leather and again tinned shoe polish.

For perfumery the uses are vast, pairs great with amber sweetie,Ethiopian pom pom, cedarwoods and even incense wood and suederal. An absolute must for building leather bases, Oriental accords, it is even useful for creating vintage sandalwood accords. A must for improving frankincense notes and somewhat useful for helping capture and display the perfect “frankincense churchy notes” many seem to desire today. A truly excellent material, a pleasure for me to write about and generally this frankincense is really useful where a leather or sticky warm frankincense note is required in the perfume.”

Botanical Name: Boswellia neglecta

Origin: Ethiopia


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