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Coffee Absolute PREMIUM

Coffee Absolute is solvent extracted straight from the coffee beans, it is a 100% pure absolute using the finest coffee beans available. If you love the smell of freshly made strong coffee then this is for you. The material is very thick and of a chocolate/coffee colour that will benefit from gentle warmth for 5-12 minutes prior to use. This material is luxury in its truest form.

Whilst many companies on the internet claim to offer Coffee essential oil, usually at less than $30 per bottle, this is highly unlikely as the volatile chemistry in coffee beans is largely null and void. We do sell Coffee CO2, this has a fatty acid composition and despite the incredible natural aroma it is technically a fixed oil. Coffee Flower essential oil does get produced however this is unbelievably hard to obtain and incredibly expensive.

Botanical Name: Coffea Arabica

Origin: France


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