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Cis-3-Hexenol Natural Isolate

Adam Michael has this to say “This Cis-3-Hexenol Natural Isolate is so juicy, green, light, bright, sparkling with the dewy scent of freshly mown grass and crisp green apple. Typically associated with the aroma of freshly mown grass and personally to me, reminiscent of walking on a mowed lawn in the early morning, just as the sun starts to rise, with the grass slightly wet and dewy.

Here at Hermitage Oils we are very proud to introduce this natural isolate, more so as within natural perfumery green leafy notes are relatively rare to come across, especially where no minty nuances are desired, nor the slight harshness of galbanum essential oil, nor the light decaying green foliage notes found in violet leaf absolute. Cis-3-hexenol natural isolate is the perfect neutral green note that can be pushed in any direction in combination with other green notes or can be used as a stand-alone green note for a lighter, more modern perfume composition. It also pairs very well with trans-2 hexenal natural isolate when creating fresh green apple notes, and it offers interesting effects used in florals through to fruits but can also find excellent use for injecting a green edge to sea/oceanic accords.

A true top note powerhouse, this cis 3 hexenol natural isolate is of 98% purity, light years superior to the synthetic offering and most useful to the perfumer and even hobbyist who just wants to learn more about individual notes.

Arctander has this to say “Traces of cis-3-Hexenol are used in refreshing topnotes in delicate floral fragrance types, such as Muguet and Lilac, and the alcohol is often used along with Geranium oil, Galbanum, Oakmoss, Lavender and Mint oils in various fragrance types.”

Also called Leaf Alcohol this chemical is immediately reminiscent to most people of the smell of a freshly mown lawn: distinctive, evocative and very green. It is widely released by plants when they are damaged and forms part of the scent of many freshly crushed leaves and is present in traces in many essential oils. Use this material in tiny amounts to add a bright, green top-note to florals of many kinds: it is especially effective in carnation and lily of the valley scents. In larger amounts it is effective to give a modern freshness to Fougère or Chypre types among others. Can be used to good effect in combination with the acetate.

Extracted from peppermint essential oil.