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Cherry Juice CO2 (TOTAL)

Cherry Juice CO2 (TOTAL) is of poor longevity, lasting 20-25 minutes at the very most on my smelling strip. The smell is red-fruit, almond and sweet rich cherry. This scent reminds me of kirsch cherry brandy and the cherry sauce that accompanies most yogurt and fruit combo pots found in the supermarket. As the longevity is very poor I figure this a onetime purchase but it is worth a look. This is a very interesting study material and a useful reference material to have on hand for anyone trying to build a cherry scent.

These juice CO2 wonders are produced by high pressure carbon dioxide extraction of the juice distillates. Created as natural flavours (and they can be used for this purpose) they also have retained the amazing fruity fragrances that make them useful for natural perfumery as well. It has to be noted that these extractions also contain alcohol and water (around 30% alcohol and 40% water) and so precautions have to be taken in their use and transport. They are only available within Australia (sorry those of you in New Zealand) and will be transported by road only. Also, don’t use them in oils burners (obviously) and when used in perfumery, some experimentation may be required when dosing to ensure that the composition does not become cloudy. They are also not miscible with jojoba oil.

Botanical Name: Prunus cerasus

Origin: Germany


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