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Chamomile Blue CO2 ORGANIC (TOTAL)

This is a total extract, meaning all the CO2-soluble lipophilic components are retained (waxes, resins, fats) which helps deliver possibly the truest smell of the plant part in question. I really think all professional therapists should be looking closely at this organic certified CO2 extract which contains an impressive 17.2% of chamazulene, that’s 3 times greater than the percentage found within the select extract we also offer. The aroma is chamomile floral and herbaceous rich throughout. A solid extract that will be pourable at 40°C. Once liquid I would encourage you to create a 5% dilution in carrier oil. The best chamomile for creating rich nourishing creams, balms, body lotions and ointments.

Botanical Name: Matricaria recutita

Origin: Germany

Total Extract


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