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Castoreum Liquid 100%

Adam Michael has this to say “Castoreum Liquid 100% is an all-natural aroma recreation of castoreum, free from animal derivatives and synthetics.

The aroma oozes gorgeous animalic and dry leathery character throughout with leather floral, ambery, musty incense soapy, hop fruit boozy and methyl methylanthranilate qualities. This aroma is less raw when compared with smelling castoreum absolute and the leather jacket smell is far more pronounced. Longevity is impressive but not comparable with the absolute. I would sum this material up as a cleaner, gentler and more feminine orientated castoreum offering.

As for uses, absolutely brilliant material for building dirty rose notes, dark edgy floral accords – especially when used with osmanthus absolute, adds depth to chocolate notes, great for building soft leathery bases and of course works in harmony with tobacco, hay, musky, patchouli and amber materials.“