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Caraway CO2 (SELECT)

Mark Evans has this to say “If you’ve used the essential oil of caraway seed before, I would highly recommend that you compare it with this select CO2 extract. You’ll find that it takes the elements of the EO and amps them up to a mind-numbing intensity. The essential oil is a linear affair of warmed spices and artemisia with a pleasant woody background. With this CO2 though, the first thing you notice is an intense biting menthol freshness and the surprising realisation that you are smelling a strong spearmint note!

A few seconds later the mint subsides to make way for a herbaceous rosemary and spices with a hint of savoury fenugreek. Keep smelling the blotter and the intensity continues with bitter sweet, green wormwood which gradually softens to a warmer artemisia and sweet basil.

For perfumery, I’d suggest treating this CO2 with a judicious hand as its strength could easily overwhelm other ingredients. I’ve found that these thujone materials like caraway, wormwood, artemisia, davana etc tend also to gradually increase their influence on a blend over time, so if anything you should under-dose them and test the concentrate after a month or two.”

Botanical Name: Carum carvi

Origin: Poland

Extract: Select Extract

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  1. Mauricio

    I actually grow caraway in my garden and this CO2 offering is the closest thing to the real deal I’ve ever found. My tinctures didn’t work out the way I wanted, never truly capturing the ‘pointy spiciness’ of a freshly cut and mowed leaf, but this product does exactly that. It’s delicious and very juicy, I love it.

    As Mark Evans points out, this can be an easily overpowering ingredient, so it must be used with extreme prejudice. I tried to pair it with an amber blend and almost ruined the test because it was very dominant, making the delicate nuances of Benzoin almost disappear. Also, is goes really well with citrus oils, especially the sweeter ones.

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