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Artemisia (MOROCCO)

Adam Michael has this to say about Artemisia (Morocco) “Artemisia, probably better known as armoise, mugwort and also by many here in the UK as common wormwood. The essential oil is pale yellow in colour, of a pourable viscosity, and obtained by steam distilling the leaves which are completely dried out first. The aroma has real power, strength and long-lasting depth; sweet, herbal, bitter and davana boozy throughout.

There are in excess of 390 Artemisia species and the vulgaris grows throughout Morocco, India, Turkey, China and all around Eastern Europe. The key component is a-thujone which is a potential skin irritant and potentially poisonous; Indian material for example contains in excess of 60% a-thujone whilst this Moroccan material contains 42.35%.

The name Artemisia is due to King Mausolus who was ruler of Caria (Turkey) until he passed in 353BC. King Mausolus married his sister called Artemisia and this plant would be forever known by his wife’s name. When King Mausolus died his sister/wife had an extravagant tomb built in his honour called Mausoleum of Mausolus and today this is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.”

Arctander has this to say “The essential oil is used in perfumery to add freshness and warmth to lavender-colognes, chypres, fougeres, pine fragrances, etc. Artemisia Vulgaris Oil blends excellently with oakmoss, patchouli, rosemary, lavandin, isobornylacetate, pine needle oils, sage clary, Spanish sage, coumarin, decylalcohol, etc. The oil shows great diffusiveness, and it is stable in soaps. The odor type is much more refined and balsamic than that of cedarleaf with which the above oil is sometimes compared”

Botanical Name: Artemesia vulgaris

Origin: Morocco

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