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Arnica Flower Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “Arnica Flower Absolute is produced by solvent extracting the flower heads, golden yellow to amber-brown in colour, and of a pourable to semi-solid viscosity. Arnica is a genus of rhizomatous perennials, chiefly grown for their large, daisy-like flower heads. Arnica thrives across most of Europe, looks great grown in large rock gardens and seems to attract lots of bees I find.”

Arctander has this to say “……of intensely herbaceous-sweet, tea-like, somewhat spicy, powerful and very tenacious odour. The dry-out is bitter, tea-like and very pleasant. The odour of the oil resembles that of chamomile with a certain woody-earthy undertone. Arnica oil (from flowers) finds occasional use in perfumes of the herbaceous (i.e. non-floral) type, e.g. chypre, fougere, “tabac”, leather, colognes, ect.”

Botanical Name: Arnica montana

Origin: France


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