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Adam Michael has this to say “In my humble opinion Aleppo pine also known as Jerusalem pine is one of the most aromatically sublime pine essential oils produced. As soon as I open the bottle I’m transported back in time to Southern Italy, smelling lemons, bergamots and cedrat fruits on the trees all over again. There is lovely fresh sharpness to the opening as well, comparable to the zest of lime zest entwined with a distinct vegetative note that reminds me of freshly picked runner beans.

As the aroma develops the fresh fruit character remains but takes on a zappy quality which leads onto an intense burst of fresh pine notes and a fresh bread nuances dancing in and out of detection. This is without doubt the most amazing pine essential oil I have experienced to date and I highly reccomend this material to the perfumer as the possibilities are endless. This essential oil is produced by steam distilling the needles, is clear in colour and of a pourable viscosity.”

Botanical Name: Pinus hallepencis

Origin: Israel


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