Cocoa Collection

These materials are extracted from the roasted pods of Theobroma cacao, called the cacao or cocoa tree, a small evergreen tree in the family Malvaceae native to the deep tropical regions of Central and South America. These are, of course, the exact same seeds pods that give us chocolate. Used in perfumery for their deep, rich, luscious aroma, they serve a growing interest in gourmand perfumes and blend well with tonka, coumarin notes, coffee, hazelnut CO2, cherry CO2. banana CO2, vanilla, honey and can also provide interesting effects when used with florals. Did you know there are about 25 key ingredients which give chocolate its smell, but not one of them has a characteristic chocolatey scent?

Please note: Despite their quality, all of our products are of a highly concentrated nature and are therefore to be strictly intended for perfumery use only. Hermitage Oils strongly discourages internal consumption of the products, which are not intended to be used as foods in any capacity. All photos and images on this website have the sole purpose to evoke the raw materials from which the products offered are obtained, their place of origin or their scent.

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