Essential Oils

Essential oils are not all the same. Each has its own fragrance, properties and peculiarities. Each behaves in its own characteristic way. Perhaps it boils at a particularly high temperature (useful as a fixative), or has a high antiseptic value or perhaps it contains a rare therapeutic agent such as azulene (found in chamomile). Whatever the reason for its uniqueness no essential oil is the same as any other and this includes oils distilled from plants of the same species in different places or at different times. For these reasons, anyone who wants to understand an essential oil must understand the individual characteristics of all the oils he/she uses. However, there are some generalisations that can be made about essential oils, as follows: Essential oil is distilled or pressed from plant parts. The product so obtained may or may not be further refined depending on circumstances. Regardless of its origin an essential oil is volatile which means that it will evaporate into the air. Essential oils dissolve in alcohol and in fixed oils/carrier oils but not in water.

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