Ethanol Tinctures

Tinctures are defined as extractions in ethanol – generally made by taking a natural material, grinding it down and soaking for a long period in ethanol, often with regular agitation and sometimes gentle warmth. The strength is the weight of original material compared to the weight of ethanol it is tinctured in. Tinctures are generally less powerful in scent than essential oils and are often added to perfume in larger quantities at the end of the blending process.

Please note: Despite their quality, all of our products are of a highly concentrated nature and are therefore to be strictly intended for perfumery and aromatherapy use only. Hermitage Oils strongly discourages internal consumption of the products, which are not intended to be used as foods in any capacity. All photos and images on this website have the sole purpose to evoke the raw materials from which the products offered are obtained, their place of origin or their scent.

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