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Undecavertol n unusual material, also known as Violet Decenol, this is a brilliant ingredient for many floral blends that helps to bring out the floral and fruity aspects of other materials. Description from Givaudan: Undecavertol was developed in connection with structural elucidation work on unknown trace components of lily-of-the-valley. It has a powerful green-floral character, somewhat related to lily-of-the-valley, with natural, fresh, fruity violet leaf and linden-blossom aspects. It can be used successfully in rose and fruity pear accords. Although easy to use in most perfumery types, Undecavertol requires careful dosage and blending due to its exceptional strength.

CAS Number: 81782-77-6

Full chemical name: (E)-4-methyldec-3-en-5-ol


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