Tomato Leaf Absolute (Colourless)

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Tomato Leaf Absolute (Colourless)

Adam Michael has this to say “Smelling this material transports me back in time to when I was a child, helping dad in his knackered greenhouse. Summertime was all about his tomatoes, planted in ancient paint tins, recycled buckets and even a porcelain toilet found at the recycle centre. Yes this was my dad, absolutely nothing went to waste! Every morning it was my job to water the tomato plants. Once the rusty door was opened, I was greeted by the instantly recognisable aroma of the tomato plants, exuding a plethora of refreshing green warmth and delivered in the most sumptuous light, airy and breezy manner. This material is packed full of vegetative greenhouse goodness, tinged throughout with bright early morning dewy leafy character, light grassy, woody and peppery touches, and finished with trace notes reminiscent to me of violet leaf absolute.

This material is a must for colognes, violet bases, Summer meadow and green accords, building outdoorsy notes, sporty perfumes and generally great for adding light sparkly touches to a wide array of compositions. Of a medium to high odour intensity, colourless and of a pourable viscosity, this is a real natural gem and highly recommended to all.”

Botanical Name: Lycopersicum esculentum Mill

Origin: Italy