Florhydral (Floral Butanal)

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Florhydral (Floral Butanal)

Florhydral (Floral Butanal) is a superb freshening agent in any floral context, it exalts citrus very well and of course is ideal where you need a Lilly of the Valley note that isn’t restricted by IFRA. Best used sparingly except in Lilly of the Valley applications. Recommended usage is 0.2-2% and tenacity is a week on a smelling strip, this material also works well in burning applications such as candles and joss sticks.

Also called Floral Butanal this is a powerful material, made by Givaudan, and is described by them like this “Floral, Green, Muguet, Fresh, Powerful. Florhydral has a very floral, fresh, trendy, natural odour (such as lily-of-the-valley, hyacinth…)

Its great intensity and pleasant quality make it useful in all areas of perfumery. Florhydral is also valuable in fragrances for laundry products where a fresh residual odour is desired. Florhydral gives naturalness together with aldehydes in citrus accords.“

CAS Number: 125109-85-5

Full chemical name: 3-(3-propan-2-ylphenyl)butanal


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