Musk Collection

Musk is one of the most common elements in fragrances of all kinds – some form of musk is included in virtually every fine fragrance on the market, and in many fragrances for functional products too. At one time, musk came almost exclusively from various species of Musk Deer (Moschus moschiferus and several other Moschus species) but this has almost entirely disappeared from use for ethical and cost reasons. Most fragrances now use some form of synthetic musk, although there are a few natural sources still used as well. In particular ambrette seed oil (which contains the chemical widely used in synthetic form as ambrettolide) and angelica root oil (which contains the chemical sold as exaltolide).Some synthetic musks are crystalline solids and difficult to handle, so here at Hermitage all those we sell are either mobile liquids anyway or sold pre-diluted in a suitable solvent to make them easy to mix and measure.

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